Contract Award Notice

Project: P165945-Livestock Commercialization Project
Loan/Credit/TF Info: IDA-65080
Bid/Contract Reference No: GO-RFQ-C1-08/2021
Procurement Method: RFQ-Request for Quotations
Scope of Contract: Supply of equipment for FMD free zone checkpoints
Notice Version No: 0

Contract Signature Date

Duration of Contract
80 Day(s)

Awarded Bidder(s):

ATEAM (611391)
Mongolia, Ub, Khan-Uul district, 2nd khoroo, Chinggis avenue, Anun-2 building, number 207
Country: Mongolia

Bid Price at Opening
MNT 137490082.00

Evaluated Bid Price
MNT 137490000.00

Signed Contract price
MNT 137,490,000.00

Evaluated Bidder(s):

Khan-uul district, 4th khoroo, Tuul horoolol, farmers market
Country: Mongolia

Bid Price at Opening
MNT 102208150.00

Evaluated Bid Price
MNT 102208150.00